Hidden Hollow Five

Illustration Contest: The Tinkerer’s Treasure by James R. Lewis

We are excited to see the illustrations you have created for book three in the Hidden Hollow Five series! The author James wanted to give you a little direction to help create the cover illustration. James dreamed that the “Rivers End School” would be on the cover of this book. You can also ask the author questions on social media (see the links below). We hope this helps and good luck!!

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Direct text from The Tinkerer’s Treasure to help draw the school for the book cover :

Kim’s eyes traveled from the ground to the roof of the school. It was three stories high and had a huge stairway entrance located in the center of the building. There was a wheelchair ramp on the right side of the staircase that snaked back and forth up to the entrance. There were also a lot of kids sitting on the stairs, milling around on the playground and lining up at the door.

All three floors of the building were nothing but windows. On the left side was a huge silo type of structure attached to the back corner. It was as tall as the school with a diameter of about fifteen feet across. An enclosed ramp was on each floor of the building, allowing access from the main school building into the silo.

“What is that?” Kim asked Becky, pointing to the silo.

“It’s a fire escape slide,” answered Becky. “That top room”—she pointed to the set of third-story windows next to the silo—”will be our third-grade classroom. There’s a really cool slide inside the silo that we’ll get to slide down whenever we have a fire drill. Some lucky kid gets to monitor the class as they slide down and be the last to leave the building, and another lucky kid will be the first to slide down and kick the door open at the bottom. My first-grade class was on the first floor. It wasn’t as much fun as it will be when we get to side down from the top. I can’t wait for our first fire drill!”

We appreciate that many kids might not know what a school with a silo fire escape looks like. Below is an image of the elementary school the author attended when he was little and where he got the inspiration for the school in the book. Use the text from the story above to help create your cover illustration!

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