Who We Are

We are Kim & Erin, sisters, best friends, and founders of Youth Inspired Publishing.

Our family-based company was created as a loving gesture to publish our dad’s incredible gift for storytelling and writing. As kids, we were always excited for bedtime since it meant we would listen to our dad create enchanting stories from scratch. Decades later he continues to entertain his grandkids with the same type of stories. We finally convinced him to write it all down, which is the Hidden Hollow Five Series.

After researching the traditional publishing route, we quickly became discouraged. So we decided to do it ourselves! With a lot of hard work and research we learned the publishing process. We work with talented editors and educators to ensure high quality content is always delivered to you!

Our goal is to share wholesome, age appropriate content to our youth and community. We also want to showcase our children’s amazing talent through unique opportunities that we will continue to share! The first showcase is our youth illustration contest!

Our journey has showed us the value of harnessing and growing our children’s creativity. We discovered that HOMESCHOOLING EDUCATORS do a fantastic job of recognizing and empowering children’s gifts. We are excited to partner with some phenomenal homeschool educational resources that value creative learning! Check them out on our Educational Partners area.

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Thank you for visiting us and learning more about our journey! We hope you join our community!

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